November 11, 2012

Red and Laced


Back to blogging for this week, everyone! But this will be my only post as of now. :( I know that I should blog regularly but school just started and of course, that would be my priority for now. Well, I can't dress up to school since we have uniforms which is a disadvantage for bloggers so I'll just try to post what I'm wearing every Saturdays or Sundays. :) So here's what I wore today to church and after that, we went to my cousins' place. :)

Lace tops and dresses are so elegant. It creates an outfit easily.

This lace stop is very detailed already. The collar has pearls (They are not visible in my pictures, I'm sorry for that) on it so I don't have to put on a necklace anymore. Thumbs up for a lazy day! You don't have to accessorize that much!

This is an I-am-not-yet-ready shot or probably please-don't-leave-me shot. Hahahaha!

Outfit Details:

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