November 19, 2012

Wish Upon a Star.


Since Christmas is fast approaching and someone I know is having a hard time thinking of what to get me, I've decided to post a wishlist. And of course, as a girl, I also want to see what other girls would like to have for Christmas. My birthday is a month after Christmas so it will come in handy to have everything in one. These are the things I wish to receive. It's just a wishlist. I don't care if I get them or not. But if I do, I would really appreciate it. <3

Ipod Classic.
My Itouch gave up on me so I want a new one. Since I already have an Ipad, I figured I'd be needing this more than an Itouch since it has 160GB!!

Pink Earphones.
It's been a year or two since my earphones gave up on me and yes, I haven't bought a new one since then. Hahaha! I want earphones with goo sound quality. I've always wanted Harajuku Lovers Monster earphones but when I heard reviews about it, I decided not to get it anymore. I wouldn't pay 4,500 pesos for those!! Anything pink, cute, or girly earphones would do as long as the sound quality is awesome!

Eiffel Tower Scissors.
Ohmygoshhhh, cutest thing ever!!! Eiffel Tower cutting my paper. <3 What is perff?!?! Hahaha it's not that I want this I just find it cute but I would thank anyone who would give me this. :">

OPI/China Glaze Nail Polishes.
I have a few of this but then Rustan's faced out OPI so yeah, I would love you forever if you get me LOTS and LOTS of this for Christmas or my birthday. <333 I believe China Glaze is available in Landmark. :) Any color will do except for Blue. :)

Cute phone cases.
I hate how Iphone has the cutest cases ever. :( I've been looking all over Manila for a cute case for my Blackberry (Bold 9900) and I can't find any. :( I want these.. 

Ipad Cases.
My Ipad case (The one above this. "The Girl") is worn out already so I want a new one. Of course, if you don't know me, I'm a big fan of the Eiffel Tower and the color Pink. I also love anything that glitters and girly and cute. So these cases are the bomb! They are too cute!! I definitely want either of the two!

Lomo Camera.
Lomography cameras are not that expensive. They cost around 6K-10K as far as I can remember. I've always wanted one and sadly, still don't have any. Anyway, I want a pink or gold lomo cam with different lenses, effects and stuff. Hahaha! 

Hello Kitty Backpack.
This! A Hello Kitty backpack from my favorite brand of cute bags, Loungefly. Recently, I saw the first backpack in Rustan's. I was kind of shocked because I thought they don't have it in dark colors. All hello Kitty Backpacks I've seen were in white. I really really like this. <3

Juicy Couture Wallet.
Of course, it's Juicy! I really really love Juicy Couture bags and wallets. They are so chic! I believe that the picture above is from their latest collection. Any wallet from Juicy will do as long as there's no touch of blue in it. I don't like the color blue. :) Never did.

Laptop Case.
This is a need and a want for me. I need and want a chic laptop case. Anything from Juicy Couture and Marc Jacobs would do but I prefer the ones from Juicy because they have a strap unlike the Marc Jacobs ones. Again, no touch of blue. <3

So here are few of the things I want to receive but something unexpected and not listed here would be cool. I love receiving variety of things from a person. I'm not after the cost of the gift. It's the thought that counts. :)

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