December 31, 2012

Best of 2012


Happy New Year, everyone! 2012 was by far the year full of laughter and tears. I cannot explain how and why I defined it as the year "full of laughter and tears" but I can proudly tell everyone that I have learned a lot throughout the 365 days. It may not be the best year yet I still thank God for giving me the strength to face all of my problems. Let me share with you the highlights of my 2012.


Batch Retreat
This was a life-changing experience. Throughout our two days and one night stay in Tagaytay, I came to realize that the happiest people can be the saddest.

16th Birthday
January 23 is MY day. Hooray for my sweet sixteen! Hooray even more for celebrating it with the best people in the world! <3

What a surprise! Hahaha! <3

(c) Junella Royo
(c) Junella Royo


Family Day
For my four years in Highschool, I had always been looking forward to our school's Family Day. Every Family Day, our school's official squad, Il Baile, gets to perform and of course, I get to be thrown way up high by my lifters. Hahaha! Afterwards, every grade and year competes for the title "Champion" and I am beyond glad to be part of the BEST yes, you heard it. BEST batch on Earth! I remember this day to be a pretty hard day for me simply because I was hospitalized basically right before this day and I had to dance because I was a flyer and Il Baile's pyramid would not be complete if one is missing. So, it was time to be professional and keep the show going. But I love how concerned my batchmates were for me. From time to time, during practice, they would let me no actually, force me to rest. <3

Shot by Margo Manalo. Louie trying to comfort me 'cause we were about to perform and I was not feeling well plus I was scared of falling. 

Dancing "Your Body Is Wonderland" with my Batchmates. No one else would get why we dance to this song but us. :)

Practicing our asses off! Hahaha!

Can you see me? No, of course not because I'm right in the middle about to be thrown up up and away. Hahaha!

Valentines Day
My Everlasting Rose from Louie. The rose is believed to last for 5 years. :) I still have it with in the condo.

Area Meet
This year's area meet was hosted by La Salle Canlubang. Basically this is where different schools like CDBS, SSC-W, DLSC and other school compete with each other in terms of sports. 

This is me sleeping right under the tree. Thanks to the person who put that bag.. Hahaha!

Spot me!

Being interviewed by James Mcderrmott. They were asking for a sample of some stunts. Tracy sampled first and they asked for another so I was forced by the whole Il Baile to go. I did a cartwheel + Round-off + Split :)

Chillin' with friends. Haha!


Tribute to Parents
It's time  to give back to our parents. <3

Meet my father :)

Our surprise letters from our parents. :)

Family <3

The day I cried while singing.

"Most Outstanding Dance Club Member"

Spot me!

DB Promenade
Promenade with Louie plus other Scholasticans who were promdates of some Bosconians. It was a fun experience because we had cotillion practices for three Sundays

With Jen. <3

Say hello to my dress. I had inspirations to be able to come up with this dress.


Basically spent my summer with friends and Louie. 

Surprise gift from Louie. :)

Random pictures for the rest of the year:

Yellow Day :)

Happy New Year! Time to make new memories. <3

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