February 18, 2013

What's in my school bag?


To get away from the usual outfit posts, I've decided to post something different. This "What's in my school bag/What's in my purse" post is really popular in Youtube. I just love seeing what's in other girls' bags and I figured others would love it too.

This is the backpack I'm currently using to school but I tend to change bags every week. This bag is from Loungefly and it was Louie's gift to me.

Let's take a look at the front pocket first.

My portable charger which is another gift from Louie.

My keys.

Coin purse which always weighs down my backpack.

Hand Sanitizer.

Now for the big pocket..

My Juicy Couture wallet from my parents last Christmas Eve.

2 sets of earphones because my beats doesn't have a built in microphone.

Little bag for my essentials.

Left to right: Alcohol (I prefer using alcohol rather than Bath & Body Works' Hand Sanitizer eben though alcohol dries up my skin. I feel like it removes germs more. Haha!) Carmex lipbalm, little container that holds my hair pins and sanrios, lip gloss, colognes, katinko, cookie mirror, pack of sanrios.

My calculator with an F.

Pencil Case.

Inside my pencil case. Hooray for green and purple G-tec pens! I'm using point 4. :)

Umbrella! Always need this!!


My Ipad.

Books and a filler. 

My planner.
I usually have my comb in here but I don't know why I don't right now. Plus my Ipad and phone charger. :) Hope you enjoyed my little post!! :)


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