March 24, 2013

Never hide.


When college started, my weight also started to drop and comparing my face and body today to last 2011's (4th year HS), you'll see a big big change. I really want my 2011 body and face back since it was a mid (not too thin, not too fat) type of body. And a lot of people prefer that body. So, this summer, hopefully I gain weight. My solution to a thin body? Skirts! I'm avoiding bodycon dresses right now though they still look great but I'm not satisfied with how I look with it.

Wore this to an appointment and an unexpected shopping day with Tracy.

For the record, the title of this post is because I got new shades! Can you guess what brand?

Top: People are People | Skorts: Bazaar | Wedge: People are People | Brown Bracelet: majaderraonlineshop (Instagram)

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