March 07, 2013

The Walking Flag


This post is not an ordinary post because *Drum roll* the dress I'm wearing is from an online shop!! I am really thankful for the online shop that sent me the dress an other items! I will be talking about the shop in the latter part of this post. My title, yes I know, it is weird but there is a reason to that. My outfit reminds me of the American Flag. Red and White stripes plus blue nails. What do you think about my creativity? No? Okay. :( Hahaha!

I am not a big fan of stripes and in fact, I have really few striped clothing but this dress is an exception to my dislike on stripes. It fits me well plus the cloth is amazing!

The online shop that sent me the item is:

Please take time to look at the items she's selling. Who knows maybe she has what you're looking for. ;)
Outfit Details:
Dress and Bracelets: majaderraonlineshop (Instagram) | Sandals: Sewn |

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