April 06, 2013

Fashion Guru


I've had this necklace for a long time already and it says "Fashion Guru" Anyway, today, I'm posting a late outfit post. Not the "same day" post thing I usually do. I have a lot of drafts on my blog and I'll post them soon. As of now, here's a little treat for your "Daily Dose of Fashion." Enjoy!!

Sneaker wedges! They're such a trend nowadays! I've been wanting a pair of these when the only Sneaker Wedges I know were from Isabel Marant but they are too expensive and I'm just a student so I have to stick the the affordable ones. 

Got this sexy top for only a hundred!

Accessories were sent to me by an online shop. :) Thank you, @foursister! Kindly check out their items!

"No matter how cheap your clothes are as long as you know how to carry yourself then, that's Fashion!"

Top: Greenhills | Shorts: Next | Sneaker Wedge: Forever 21 | Shades: Ray-Ban | Accessories: foursister (Instagram)

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