May 20, 2013

Creative Shot.


And I'm back from the wilderness!!! *Applause* I apologize for being MIA a lot of times already. I've been really busy with tons of stuff. (Busy = lazy.. Ooops.. Haha kidding!) Wondering what the title of this post is all about? Well, I wore this dress for our Graduation Creative Shot pictorial and this was paired with my orange/peachy heels.

Dresses remind me of young, innocent girls.. They are so demure-looking.

For the record, I'm gonna let you guys see how my creative shot turned out..

TADA!! Oh how I miss my fat face and arms!! Look at that!! <3 I hope I can have that body once again. (Sorry for the super low quality)

Here's my page in our yearbook. Special thanks to Jen for the write up. <3

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