July 24, 2013

DIY: Newspaper Nails


Hooray for my first DIY post! I really hope this goes well. I want to share to you my knowledge on some things. I am trying to be more broad on my blog by having DIYs and not just plain outfit posts. So let's start painting nails!!
Things needed:
1. Light colored nail polish. ( I chose the 01 Fog by Sally Hansen)
2. Top coat (I'm using the one from Bonita)
3. Alcohol
4. Scissors
5. Newspaper article
5. Mini bowl

Step one: Cover your nails with top base coat. Let it dry thoroughly.
 Step two: Paint your nails with your desired base. Make sure it is not dark.
 Step three: Cut a small part of an article from the newspaper.
 Step four: Wet it using the alcohol.
 Step five: Place the wet part on your nail for only 2-3 seconds. make sure your nail polish is already dry before doing this step or else it would stick on your nail.
Step six: Finish it up by a top coat. Tada!
I know that some of you can do it better than I did. I just showed you how to do this kind of nailart. Hope I was able to help!

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