July 24, 2013



Okay, I don't think there's anything wrong with wearing this much pink. In fact, there is nothing wrong with pink! Who doesn't go gaga over this color? You? Oh, okay.. Hahaha! I feel really good whenever I wear something pink. I think I can consider it to be my comfort zone. Whenever I buy something, I tend to ask the salesperson if they have that certain item in pink especially when the only color left is blue.. But I cannot let the JC bag pass so even though it was blue, I still bought it.
I decided to wear something simple for this day since we just head out for dinner. Instead of wearing a black tube, I decided to wear a pink one so that it would somehow blend in with my top.
 Every girl needs a ribbon!
 I just love how classy and comfortable these shoes are! They are definitely something you need to have!
These elevators have sensors so they just work if they sense someone's about to use them.

Outfit details:
| Top: Forever 21 | Pants: Next Jeans | Bag: Juicy Couture | Shoes: Melissa |

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