October 16, 2013

Go for the Gold


Last October 12, a close friend of mine, Tish, celebrated her 18th birthday at Paseo Premiere hotel. I was lucky enough to have witnessed this special event of her life. I was actually in a rush since I needed to get the shoes I was supposed to wear from Aldo and it was already 6pm and the party would start at 7. Also, I was part of her 18 candles so I needed to be there early. Fortunately, the party started late and I was able to go to Aldo but then no shoes would look good with my dress so I decided to stick to my Pedro heels (the ones on the picture) good thing I wore them before going to Aldo.
So, I saw this props in her photobooth and it looked good with my dress.

| Dress: Custom made | Shoes: Pedro | Accessories: Aldo |

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