September 21, 2014

Writer's Block


I've been staring at my laptop thinking about what to write for about 15 mins already. *Total writer's block moment there* I don't want to rant about school anymore on my blog since I find it quite inappropriate to do. 'Once is enough, twice is too much' they say and I think ranting about how stressed you are all the time shouldn't be included on a blog post. No one came to read blog posts just to be stressed out.

Moving on, I am pretty sure I haven't mentioned this yet and this will be our little 'blogging sister/brother(just in case there are guys who read my blog) secret..' I've always wanted to become a race car driver and I have this weird fascination for cars. So this year, I was invited to the 5th International Motor Show held at The World Trade Center. I wouldn't miss the chance of seeing those amazingly dressed up cars! Here's what I wore to the event..
 Believe it or not, this hat is from the men's accessories! and it was on sale for only 150php! Such a steal!!

Outfit Details
| Hat: SM Department Store (Men's section) | Top: Topshop | Bag: Call It Spring | Shoes: Forever 21 | Lipstick: Brave by Mac |

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