December 29, 2014

How To: Layer Clothes


When you can't sleep, draft a blog post! Yes, it's already 1:33am and I am still wide awake. I miss the cold weather in Baguio which helps me fall asleep right away. Don't get me wrong, the south definitely has one of the best weathers in the Philippines but it is getting quite sultry. How I wish it were cold enough for me to layer this much clothes!

Layering adds more vibe to every outfit but most women are afraid of layering clothes for there is a tendency that they would look bigger. The secret to layering is choosing the right clothing pieces. 

How To Layer Clothes:
1. Start with a basic top. A plain long-sleeved top or striped top would do just fine.
2. Add another layer of clothing such as cardigans or sweaters. If you were to wear a collared top underneath (just like me) make sure that it would be visible as it will add more detail and style on your outfit.
3. Add a jacket or a coat to go with your layering.
4. Wear your favorite accessories to match the outfit.

Things To Remember When Layering Clothes:
1. If you wear to wear a baggy sweater, make sure to match it with body-hugging pants or skirts.
2. For the weather in the Philippines, layer thinner clothes.
3. Make sure that your clothes underneath is more fitted to avoid looking bigger.

Outfit Details
| Sheer Top: Forever 21 | Sweater: H&M | Shorts: Forever 21 | Denim Jacket: Forever 21 |

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