April 02, 2015

Things You Learn Once You Reach Your Maturity


No matter how many times your parents would lecture you or your teachers would teach you, there are certain things you only learn once you age or reach your maturity. As I turned 18, there are a few things I've learned and as time goes by, I understand how important these things are.

Nothing & no one is permanent
People come and go; that's for sure. You will start losing friends but that's okay. There will be those who would stick around through thick and thin and those who wouldn't. You will meet the craziest of the crazies and you will be thankful for them.

You will always be criticized.
No matter where you go, there will always be those who would point out whatever it is you are doing and sometimes, even though it need not to be pointed out, they still will. I reckon being criticized by what I wear and to be honest, I used to give a lot of thought to what other people would think of me but now that I have grown, it doesn't matter to me anymore. If it ain't constructive, don't mind it.

Certain things don't require your comment.
Often times, people would comment about everything they see whether negative or positive, there will always be those who would constantly have something to say. You will definitely feel much more mature when you realize how some things don't need your comment.

You challenge yourself to be better than no one but you.
This only occurred to me January this year. I constantly remind myself that I should be better than no one but me. That way, I would always excel in the things I do.

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