May 01, 2015

Ocean Air, Salty Hair


I love being by the beach and just listening to some music or looking at the ocean. In a way, it makes everything feel so peaceful and relaxing. I wish I were near a beach right now but I am nowhere near one. As I am writing this post, I keep thinking about the next beach trip I will be having and I cannot wait for it although it would still be at the end of the month if I won't be setting other trips before that.

Due to the intense heat we are experiencing, shorts and crop tops would probably be your second most favorite things ever made (the first one is definitely cold beverages) These ensembles make your skin breathe! I cannot imagine wearing pants at this time of the year!!
These shorts surely make a statement!

| Shorts: VBC (@vanillabreezeclothing on IG) | Shoes: Sperry |

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