June 27, 2015

12 Things You Don't Know About Me


Just like any other blogger or social media personality, no matter how many things we post on our blogs there are still some things you inevitably do not know about us. Now here are the top 12 weird things you don't know about me.

1. I'm addicted to phone cases
Yes, whenever I see a phone case shop, I immediately look for Iphone cases and my friends can attest to that. Plus, the shops I follow on Instagram are mostly case shops!

2. My favorite local Ice cream is Nestle's Cookies & Cream
And it has to be the overload one!!

3. I used to collect jackets
I have way too many and I still don't think of disposing them.

4. I love watching Youtube Vlogs by my favorite beauty gurus
I feel like they become my friends whenever I watch their vlogs.

5. I am OC and much more OC when it comes to my notes
Yes, and my friends can attest to this as well.

6. The first time I actually drove our car was when I was 12
And I drive a manual car.

7. I am still not happy with my Instagram feed
I'm constantly changing it and I don't know when I'll be able to achieve the feed I want. :(

8. My phone always has to be 100% charged.
I know it's weird but I always feel the need to have my phone on 100%. It satisfies me.

9. I don't watch TV that much
Back when I was in gradeschool and early highschool, the TV and I are inseparable. but now, I watch YT vids and TV Series more.

10. I have a huge fascination for cars
I like cars but I love those big, macho cars.

11. I love anything with eggs or potatoes
I live for these two <3

12. I usually do my concerts..
in the shower. I feel like a complete superstar!

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