July 07, 2015

A Guide To Discovering Your Own Style


Aside from the classic "I have nothing to wear" problem of girls, the other struggle girls face would be determining their true style. Many have mistaken style as being on trend but there is actually more to it than just being on trend. Although there is definitely nothing wrong with joining the bandwagon and wearing the latest fads but you have to make sure your style wouldn't be compromised because it defines who you are without even saying a word and that's the first thing people would notice on you. 

I personally do not like being boxed at all. I don't want it to be like "My style is Chic" and that's it which is why I think style should be like your Instagram feed wherein the photos may look the same but in reality, each has its own personality and they just happen to go together. And just like in Fashion, all you have to do is figure out the style that you really like and most comfortable with and incorporate the clothing that you think looks best on you. If you wish to try a top but you think is too girly or to plain for your liking, the good thing about having discovered your style is you can transform that clothing item into something you wouldn't expect to look good with your style. I have here simple ways to guide you in determining your style.
1. Pinterest
Basically, you go on pinterest and create a separate board for fashion. Search for anything related to clothes or fashion and pin whatever you like on that board you created. Once you have enough pins, you can check your board and you would be able to see what your particular style really is.
2. Music
It is true that a playlist can define a personality. What you can do is gather the music that you like the most in one playlist and search for what those artists are wearing because often times you will see how similar and how much you like the clothes that they wear.
3. Keep, Throw, Donate
This next tip has many advantages just on its own. You basically go through your closet and decide which clothes to keep, throw or donate. Keep the clothes you always wear, throw all the worn out clothes and donate the clothes you no longer have interest in wearing but are still in good condition. That way, you can really see what kind of clothes you like and you can start saving up to buy new items to match your style.

4. Go Against The Flow
Do not do things just because they are doing it. Don't dye your hair because your friend has done it. Don't buy those shoes because everyone has it. It is one thing to do something because you really like and it fits you.
4. Love It or Hate It
This next tip is a big help when it comes to shopping. When you walk in a store and nothing caught your attention in just an instant, do not buy anything from there. Often times, buying something that didn't catch your eye or buying something impulsively gives way to another stack of either "throw" or "donate" box. It is either you really like it or really hate it; Nothing in between.
6. Change Is Okay
Gradually change your style until you figure out what it is you are most comfortable with. Figuring it out does not happen overnight. It is a constant exploration of things you never thought you'd wear up to the things you would always wear. Don't be afraid to take things to a whole new level.

Those are my tips for anyone still struggling to find her own personal style. Hope it helped you as much as it helped me!
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