February 02, 2018

Begin Again


 Catching up where you left off is probably one of the hardest part of blogging especially if you went on hiatus for more than a year. It is like painting on a blank canvas without know what exactly you want to do or how exactly you want it to look like but you sure want the first stroke of your brush to be perfect.

During my one year of hiatus, I had to focus on things that matter more; not that blogging doesn't matter to me but this is something I do out of hobby. This was my escape from all the stress college life had to offer, however, I stopped because I couldn't maintain it and I want to be fully dedicated once I get back. Now that I have the time I need, I would love to start off once again. So this post is a fresh start; not just with blogging but basically with my entire life. This is a whole new chapter of my life's story.

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